10 Ways To Prevent Cyber Attacks

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Cybersecurity is constantly challenged by hackers, data breaches, data protection, risk management and changing cybersecurity strategies. The number of cyberattacks is not expected to decrease in the near future. In addition, the increase in attack points, such as the emergence of the Internet of Things, increases the need to protect networks and devices. With great regularity, we hear of websites becoming inaccessible or displaying altered information on their home pages due to denial-of-service attacks.

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If your backups are stored on your site’s server, they are just as vulnerable to attack as anything else on the server. You should keep your backups off-site because you want to protect your stored data from hackers and hardware failures. Storing backups on your web server is also a major security risk. These backups always contain unpatched versions of your CMS and extensions, giving hackers easy access to your server.

The blog is written by Akamai authors and analysts who have decades of experience working with enterprises and organizations. However, because Akamai is a CDN provider, it has a unique perspective when it comes to attacks that compromise websites, such as DDoS attacks. The blog is known for providing detailed insight into how these types of attacks can bring down a website and what other consequences an organization can expect. The vulnerability scanner looks for misconfigurations or vulnerable third-party open source dependencies that pose a threat to cybersecurity. Online vulnerability scanners rely on a database of known vulnerabilities or look for common bug types to detect unknown vulnerabilities.

Website scanner logs detect vulnerabilities and assign a risk score. Sometimes software developers don’t have enough time to address newly discovered security holes and vulnerabilities in a timely manner. Instead of exposing their website and users to cybercriminals, they can mitigate these vulnerabilities with a WAF. A modern WAF also reduces the number of malicious bots, speeds up websites, and blocks IP addresses known to be infected with malware or involved in DDoS attacks. In addition, many security standards and compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS, explicitly mandate the presence of WAFs. Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requires strict adherence to the 12 requirements of the standard for all organizations that process at least one credit card annually.

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