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Wow, what a great idea to Buy diamond online! Who could have come up with such a new idea? The person who came up with the idea to take unattached diamonds and put them on the Internet should be a genius! Imagine buying diamonds online, it’s never been done before! Where does he have it?

If we look back about 100 years ago, avant-garde retail was a great book owned by most households, and, along with the Bible, it was probably the most read book in the world. When the new edition of this book was distributed, everyone really wanted to get it! This book had a whole world of new and exciting concepts that many of its readers had never seen before. People could find quality agricultural equipment, the latest equipment and even entire houses. Book? The Sears catalog.

R. W. Sears was not the first to have a mail catalog offering goods. This concept goes back hundreds of years. But it was Sears who improved the system and built an empire on this form of retail.

The most obvious reason why buying diamonds online is becoming more and more common is probably that the prices of diamonds on the Internet are lower than the prices of comparable diamonds offered in local diamond jewelry stores. But an important safety feature when buying diamonds on the Internet is the GIA diamond classification system in addition to the diamond classification reports that are provided today in most cases.

The Internet is a great place, you can travel the world without leaving home! Just as you have to decide where to shop in the “real world,” you also need to know where to shop when buying diamonds online. The Internet is starting to evolve, but there are a few basic things you need to do to prevent online transactions from turning into an unpleasant experience.

I say this because we are dealing with a product that is similar to buying a TV, but not on television. Hmm? Okay, I’ll explain when I’m looking for a new TV, I go to an electronics store, study all the features, compare the pictures of each TV and find a good model that I like. I can buy it in a store or write down a model number, search other stores and check prices online. The way you buy diamonds starts the same way, but it becomes difficult to “shop” because there are no numbers of models. TVs are made in such a way that each model fits off the assembly line equally. Since all diamonds are slightly different from each other, do your homework before thinking about buying diamonds online.

Tip No. 1 – Get practical knowledge about diamonds doesn’t mean you need to become a diamond expert, but before you decide to buy diamonds online, get to the basics. Three of the 4C are fairly easy to calculate, but when it comes to cutting, things get tricky.

Tip Number 2 – Be sure to have reports on the diamond rating – there are several reports on the diamond rating that will help you buy diamonds online. GIA, AGS and GCAL would be the only reports I would recommend at leisure to buy diamonds online. I say this because these diamond evaluation reports have a “cut assessment” that is extremely important for making such a blind purchase. There is a small difference in how they do it, but I would prefer the reports of AGS and GCAL, as they directly measure the optical effectiveness of the diamond.

Tip 3 – Rate the online store as well as the local diamond jewelry store. For several years I was a travel sales representative of a jewelry manufacturer from Manhattan. Since I had to visit many jewelry stores every day, after visiting several hundred jewelry stores, I was able to quickly set up a “bespoke” jewelry store.

Some of the key indicators were stickers on their front doors indicating memberships to various industry associations, information in their ads on the yellow page, diplomas/awards hanging on the walls, or quality and quantity. Jewelry with diamonds on display in their windows. You should make a similar judgment about any online diamond store that you are considering. Don’t be fooled by a lot of beautiful photos and pictures, because in 45 minutes anyone can create a website that will look exactly like the best online diamond shops. Pay special attention to the “About Us” page, it can tell you a lot and read everything that is written in small print on the “Politicians” page. Try to stick to large well-known online stores with diamonds.

Council 4 – Determine your budget. A clear idea of how much you’re comfortable spending on diamonds will help you decide on the most important qualities you need in your diamonds. With 4C, when you set up one of the C, you can then customize one of the other C. Your money will always be wasted trying to keep as high a cut as possible within your budget.

Tip 5 – Use credit card – Using a credit card will provide you with some security when you transaction. Credit card companies give you an extra boost if you need to solve certain problems when they arise. Some of the big online diamond stores have now started offering a small discount when using bank transfers, as this saves them the cost of a credit card processing fee. If you feel comfortable in business, you can save a few extra dollars.

You will need to work a little to make the process of buying diamonds online enjoyable and useful. Almost anyone can do it.

Diamonds can last forever, but you don’t have to learn how to buy diamonds online forever.
Do your homework and good luck!

Bud Boland has been working in the jewelry business for 40 years and has been involved in everything from watches, diamond installations to jewelry manufacturing, and has been a gemologist for almost 35 years.

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