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It took me about half a minute to hit a daily fantasy football winning season last year, as long as it took my year-old son to open a pack of fruit flavored gum. In my little league of pick-em machines, I had no trouble making money in some years.

In fact, I won almost $80,000 in 2016 and 2017, with little or no work put into my record-setting seasons.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve got some secret system that’s easy for you to follow also see 먹튀 조회.

Gambling is easy to understand in the abstract but extremely complicated when you start to think about what happens in the real world. Here’s what I’ve learned over the years.

The first thing to realize about gambling is that you’re gambling with borrowed money. Betting on anything, especially something that doesn’t seem to make sense, is gambling with borrowed money.

It’s not that hard to see this when it’s happening. Every time you wager, you’re betting someone else will lose money.

Your options are this: you gamble and hope to make more money, or you don’t gamble at all and hope to make less money. The problem is, when you make less money, you won’t get the money back.

Once you recognize this, the game of wagering is very different from playing for money. Playing poker is like losing money.

You can always make it back, but unless you play super bad luck and ruin everything you’ve got, the odds are against you.

Unless you win, every time you lose money, you’re less likely to make money. You’re borrowing money against a never-ending pile of loss.

In the real world, money is what matters. At any given moment, a person is worth more dead than alive. At the outset of the NFL season, the average career length is three years and change.

Teams usually invest $25,000 in the top draft picks and $6,000 in the rest. A rookie’s salary is capped at $400,000 with room for more if he’s valuable. Most franchises in the NFL are operating in the red. Once that money’s gone, it’s gone. There’s no more. The lower the amount of money, the longer a player’s career.

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